85 Best Self-Care Ideas

Are you having a bad day? We all have those days when we feel unmotivated and down. When I am having a bad day I love to practice self-care. I put together a list of 85 best self-care ideas for when you are in a bad mood. If you need a little pick-me-up then this list is for you! 

85 Best self-care ideas

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85 Best Self-Care Ideas

  1. Go for a walk – nature helps relief stress. 
  2. Take a bubble bath – light some candles and just relax.
  3. Yoga – different yoga positions help relief stress and anxiety. 
  4. Exercise – there’s no better way to practice self-care than with a good workout.
  5. Go on a solo date – sometimes the best dates are by yourself. 
  6. Watch your favorite movie – I love a good romcom or comedy movie when I am feeling down.
  7. Watch your favorite tv show – Not going to lie, I watch Gossip Girl to boost my mood.
  8. Journal – I have a ton of journal prompts for self-love here.
  9. Read a book – For a list of best self-care books check this post out.
  10. Dance to your favorite music
  11. Meditate – practice breathing techniques for stress relief. 
  12. Give yourself a facial
  13. Get a massage
  14. Adult coloring books – I love these! Here are a few of my favorites on amazon. One | Two | Three
  15. Indulge in your favorite dessert/meal
  16. Practice gratitude
  17. Take a nap
  18. Listen to relaxing music – Put on a stress relief spotify playlist or pandora station
  19. Have a staycation
  20. Practice breathing techniques
  21. Diffuse essential oils – If you need a diffuser, I recommend this one
  22. Listen to a motivational podcast
  23. Stretch
  24. Sing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song
  25. Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  26. Drink plenty of water
  27. Light your favorite candle
  28. Clean your house to your favorite songs
  29. Do some gardening
  30. Try a DIY project
  31. Try something new
  32. Go on a spontaneous day or weekend trip
  33. Go to the beach
  34. Hike in nature
  35. Practice daily affirmations – I have a list of some of my favorite positive affirmations here.
  36. Make a bucket list and start completing it
  37. Go for a drive and listen to your favorite songs
  38. Learn something new
  39. Create a morning routine
  40. Create a night routine
  41. Write a letter to your future self
  42. Write out a list of things you love about yourself
  43. Explore a new city
  44. Create a vision board
  45. Make your bed when you wake up – I put together a list of 10 daily habits to boost your mood!
  46. Create a list of your favorite inspirational quotes
  47. Bake your favorite desserts
  48. Give yourself a mani/pedi
  49. Sleep in a little extra
  50. Get some sunlight
  51. Create a compliment jar for yourself
  52. Start a new hobby
  53. Do something you love
  54. Step outside your comfort zone
  55. Write out your goals
  56. Organize your closet
  57. Try something you are afraid of
  58. Have a delicious smoothie
  59. Cook a new meal
  60. Write out a list of things you are grateful for
  61. Stop trying to people please
  62. Declutter – Check out this list of things to declutter from your life immediately! 
  63. Write out what’s on your mind
  64. Unplug for the day
  65. Call someone you love
  66. Make sure to laugh
  67. Visit your favorite place
  68. Watch the sunrise
  69. Watch the sunset
  70. Buy yourself your favorite flowers
  71. Open your blinds and windows
  72. Wake up and get dressed
  73. Make a playlist of your favorite songs
  74. Reflect on your accomplishments
  75. Say no when you feel stressed out
  76. Don’t take on more than you can handle
  77. Give yourself a break
  78. Cuddle with your pet
  79. Have a jammies day
  80. Learn a new skill
  81. Tell yourself you’re beautiful
  82. Have breakfast in bed
  83. Hangout with someone you love
  84. Surround yourself with positive people
  85. Create your ideal future

I hope you enjoyed this list! Let me know in the comments different ways you like to practice self-care too! 


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