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High End Beauty on a Budget – You won’t believe what I found!!!

High End Beauty on a Budget – TJ Maxx Haul

High end beauty on a budget haul. Makeup swatches and first looks of high end beauty products I purchased at TJ Maxx.

A little while back I started a “high end beauty on a budget series.” I recently checked out my local TJ Maxx and was amazed by all the discounted HIGH END beauty products! Some of my favorite high end beauty brands, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills & Smashbox can be found at TJ Maxx! I was in awe. Not mention the prices are a STEAL! So today I figured I would do a little haul of some of the high end beauty products I picked up. Hope you enjoy (: & check out your local TJ Maxx to see what you can find!

High end beauty on a budget, a tj maxx haul. Make up swatches of high end beauty products I purchased.


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Subculture Eyeshadow Palette $29.99

High end beauty on a budget, TJ MAXX haul. Subculture palette.

I was pretty shocked when I saw this hidden gem in the aisles of TJ Maxx. I am so obsessed with ABH eyeshadow palettes! I have all except for the subculture palette… UNTIL NOW! I was really impressed by the shades. They are so stunning! However, I do find them to be a bit chalky compared to the newer palettes, but I guess that is expected.

High end beauty on a budget tj maxx haul - Subculture palette swatches

As you can see, the matte shades are a little chalky and not as pigmented as I would of hoped, BUT I do really enjoy the glitter shades. I think they are perfect to add a little glisten to the center lid.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Matte Lipsticks $7.99 each

High End Beauty on a Budget - Tj Maxx makeup haul - Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipsticks and swatches.

I was so excited to find these high end beauties on a budget! I find it pretty difficult to find a good matte lipstick that I enjoy. I really like the formula of these lippies! Not to mention these shades are PERFECT for fall!

High end beauty on a budget make up swatches from tj maxx. Anastasia beverly hills matte lipsticks.

Top to Bottom Shades: Griffin, Dusty Mauve, Honey 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks $7.99 each

If you have been following me for a while then you know how much I LOVE ABH liquid lipsticks. Their pigmentation is incredible and they are pretty long lasting on the lips. Liquid lipsticks can be tricky and sticky, but I swear by these lippies!

High end beauty on a budget - Tj maxx haul - Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Swatches!  Top to Bottom: Catnip, Party Pink, Stripped

Smashbox Liquid Pigment – Bad Apple $7.99

I am so obsessed with this high end beauty on a budget find! The Smashbox liquid pigment in the shade Bad Apple is the PERFECT red. These lippies don’t lie… Smashbox liquid pigments are POWERFULLY pigmented. Just look at this swatch…

High end beauty on a budget tj maxx haul - Smashbox liquid pigment Bad Apple swatch

LORAC Highly Pigmented Lipstick – Brunch Queen $3.99

High end beauty on a budget, Tj maxx haul - Lorac Pigmented lipstick in brunch queen makeup swatch

Tell me this isn’t the cutest color ever! I always feel that wearing a bold lip (like purple) can be fun! This lavender shade has me obsessing. PLUS, it’s called Brunch Queen! How could I not pick it up!

High end beauty on a budget, TJ Maxx haul, Lorac pigmented lipstick brunch queen swatch.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – Notte $5.99

I haven’t tried Stila’s stay all day liquid lipsticks yet so when I found this high end beauty on a budget I was thrilled! I’m actually most excited that I have been finding all of these gorgeous fall shades!

High end beauty on a budget, Stila stay all day liquid lipstick swatch in the shade Notte. Tj Maxx beauty haul.

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper $7.99

I have yet to try out any of Becca’s beauty products. The reason being is that I usually can never afford them! BUT, thanks to TJ Maxx I found so many awesome Becca products for CHEAP! The first product I purchased was this gorgeous crystal lip topper. You can put this over any lipstick to add a beautiful shimmer!

High end beauty on a budget haul from TJ Maxx - Becca liquid crystal lip topper swatches

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme – Prosecco Pop $12.99

I have been dying to try out a skin perfector by Becca. When I spotted this Prosecco Pop hidden gem I nearly melted. Mind you, it feels so luxurious!!! It adds the perfect amount of glow to the skin (it is creamy, not really a powdery feel) This swatch doesn’t do it justice.

High End Beauty on a Budget Haul from TJ Maxx

SORRY – you can barely see it, but I promise it’s gorgeous in person.

BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation $12.99

I have been wanting to try out a new foundation for a while now. I really want to keep my summertime glow throughout the fall season, figured this luminous foundation would be perfect for achieving that look! I will update you on how I feel about it overall after I try it out some more!

Kat Von D Lock-It color correcting eyeshadow primer $2.99

I have always been a huge fan of Kat Von D so I figured why not purchase her eyeshadow primer! It was only $2.99 and I really needed a new eyeshadow primer! Shall see how it works (:

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bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara $5.99

High end beauty on a budget, TJ Maxx haul

The reviews for this mascara were great so I definitely wanted to give it a try myself! I actually used this the other day and overall I was pleased. I love how it lengthens my lashes without creating that “spidery” look. I am a huge fan of bareMinerals so I am glad I was able to find this beauty on a budget steal!

That completes my haul!! Can’t believe how many goodies I found! If you haven’t already..GO NOW to your local TJ Maxx and check out all the beauty on a budget products.

Have you tried any of these out before? What do you think? 


& If you enjoyed this haul PLEASE SHARE!!!!

High end beauty on a budget, a TJ Maxx beauty haul including makeup swatches.







  • Misty

    Nice finds! We have some amazing TJ Maxx in MA! Would love to try the Becca and some of those ABH lip glosses.

    • ellduclos

      Yes! I think you’ll love the lippies 😍

  • Jess Pacheco

    Hi Ell, I always love a stellar find from TJ Maxx, I especially love their outrageous shoe deals they have from time to time. Talk about burning a hole in my pocket and jam packing my closet to the brim. Uuuf! But! About Anastasia Beverly Hills – one of my favorite makeup brands next to Glossier. Quality products with minimal fuss and an array of colors that just about anyone can rock. With that said – I have to say that the purple and pink tones look really great on your skin tone. Looks like I’m due for some new fall lipsticks come to think of it. 😜

    Jess ||

    • ellduclos

      Aww! I know that feeling all too well! I always buy more than I should lol but can’t help it because fall colors are my favorite and I need them all 😍

  • Holly McCullough

    We have Marshalls here. I believe it’s also owned by TJ Maxx. I have found some real steals in their beauty section. Thanks for sharing!

    • ellduclos

      Yes I love Marshall’s too! 😍

  • Miranda

    I’m such a fan of TJ Maxx! They have such amazing stuff there from high quality brands, from makeup to clothes to accessories! Every time I go it’s like a treasure hunt 😍

    • ellduclos

      Right!!! It really is like an awesome treasure hunt 😍

  • Ashley

    Seriously you’re my favorite blogger ever! I love all of your posts! This post definitely helps though. I am in college so I’m always on a budget, lol.

    • ellduclos

      Omg you’re too sweet thank you!!! TJ MAXX is definitely the spot to check out!

  • Talva

    Okay I’m going to have to go to TJ Maxx for sure!!

    • ellduclos

      Do it!!!! 🙂

  • Felicity J

    I haven’t been to TJ Maxx in forever!!! Got a reason to go now!! Thanks for sharing your finds!!

  • Dana Rae

    Love beauty products on a budget!! I was inspired by your Insta stories showing all of your great finds and I found some of my own today at Marshalls. I was shocked to see high end brands for so cheap! I bought a Stila makeup brush and I also got an Anastasia Liquid highlighter. Can’t wait to look for more products in the future.

    • ellduclos

      So glad you checked it out!!! (: Isn’t it shocking?! I was in heaven walking down the aisles!! You got some good products as well!

  • Kristin

    I never would have thought to look at TJ Maxx for makeup! Great post.

    • ellduclos

      They have it all!!!! (: thank you!


    I have the same Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in ‘Stripped’ and I looove it!! How great you’ve found these hidden treasures!

    • ellduclos

      Isn’t it so GOOD! (: TJ Maxx is an obsession for sure!

  • mary

    Going to TJMaxx is like going on a treasure hunt! I haven’t had any luck lately but happy that you found some great products!

    • ellduclos

      It really is!!! & Thank you! (: Hopefully you’ll find some hidden gems soon! Figure out which day they get new shipment in. That’s when you find the good stuff (:

  • Julie

    This is such a great post! I’m planning a trip to see friends in TN and NC next year and can’t wait to go to T J Max now. I would never have thought to look there for some budget buys the last few times I was over! Thank you for sharing x

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