10 Things to Avoid When you Are First Starting your Blog

When you first start your blog you will probably feel extremely overwhelmed. There is SO MUCH to learn! It’s crazy… BUT don’t let that stop you! Blogging is all about trial and error. Finding out what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s a learning experience, even those who are successful bloggers, learn something new everyday!

What I wanted to share with you today are 10 things that you should try and avoid as a new blogger! Again, this is just my own personal experience, and opinion. I share my trial and error journey with you, in hopes that it can help you to learn and grow your success!


Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used. This means if you purchase through my links, I get a percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. This allows me to continue to offer you as much free content and affordable courses as I can! 

Are you a new blogger? Are you wanting to know the ins and outs of blogging? Here are 10 tips all new bloggers must read!

ONE – Avoid Comparing your Success (Falling for “MAKE 6 FIGUERS BLOGGING INSTANTLY)

It’s really hard to avoid comparing your success to someone else’s success. You might see that they have thousands of followers and you don’t. You start to ask yourself, why? Why don’t I have what they have? OR, why is it taking me so long to make money, when they made it in 6 months? We often find ourselves comparing our journeys and it’s actually damaging our path to success!

The more you compare your success to someone else’s, the more you start to feel as if your blog isn’t good enough. You begin to doubt your abilities and you begin to harm your journey. You start to feel unmotivated, and this can lead to you giving up!

Instead of giving up and comparing yourself to someone else, start reflecting on your own progress. Don’t look at someone else’s success, look at YOUR success. You might not have thousands of followers but maybe you have 10 more than you did two days ago! THAT’S PROGRESS.

Or maybe you didn’t make thousands of dollars but you made 20!! THAT’S PROGRESS! 

Start looking at your progress and start celebrating your wins! Big and small! Let the progress keep you focused and in your own lane. Don’t give up because that progress will all be wasted if you do!

– – ALSO – – – Don’t fall for the “Make 6 figures this year!” Click baits. No one can map out exactly how you are going to make 6 figures blogging, especially in a short amount of time like a year! HECK I have been hardcore blogging for almost a year now and make from 2k – 3k a month. AND LET ME TELL YOU I WORK MY BUTT OFF. No 6 figures yet!!!! The only thing that will bring you to a 6 figure salary blogging is, HARD WORK, DEDICATION, CONSISTENCY, FINDING YOUR STRATEGIES, and a WHOLE LOT OF PATIENCE. Because making money blogging TAKES TIME. And it happens at different times for EVERYONE. It’s NEVER guaranteed. But it IS possible. – – –

TWO – Avoid Worrying About your Numbers Over Content

This is something I think everyone who is new to blogging finds themselves doing. I will admit, when I first started blogging I found myself worrying about getting as many followers and subscribers as I could. I spent so much time trying to figure out who follows me and who doesn’t. When really it doesn’t matter! People will eventually follow me if they enjoy my CONTENT. That’s what should really matter. How good is your content? BUT also, don’t think you have horrible content if you have a small following. It’s truly SO difficult to grow your blog in the beginning. The only way you can grow it is by promoting a ton, practicing SEO strategies, and figuring out blog traffic strategies. Staying consistent and dedicated helps a TON.

Once you figure out your blog traffic strategy the followers will come, and they will like your content without you forcing them to! So just take a breather and focus on putting out great content and promoting/marketing your content.

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THREE – Avoid Not Targeting Your Audience

When it comes to building your audience, you have to make sure you are targeting the right audience. Many bloggers will target OTHER bloggers without even realizing it. We do all of these things to grow our following but most of the time our following is made up of other bloggers. Don’t you want to spice it up a bit? Get those who don’t blog to follow your content? 

If you are like me and blog about blogging often, then YES target other bloggers. BUT – if you are a beauty, fashion, health & wellness, lifestyle, mom blogger, other niches you need to also target those who aren’t bloggers. Yes, you can still engage and follow other bloggers because yes some are interested, but bloggers tend to be competitive.

Try engaging with non bloggers on Instagram. If you think about it, other bloggers are just like YOU – trying to build their following, make money blogging, look appealing to brands. So unfortunately most will play the follow/unfollow game because they “worry about their numbers” WHERE AS non bloggers, aren’t in competition and could care less about the whole “numbers game.”

You can find those who don’t blog through geo tags. Those who don’t blog are more likely to use geo tags rather than hash tags. For some reason hash tags aren’t as popular for non bloggers. Maybe you want to target a specific location? Searching geo tags (like Boston) can help you find people in your area, or targeted area.

Don’t join engagement pods (if you are a part of any) that aren’t related to your niche. Try to join those that ARE relevant to your niche. Then maybe the other bloggers will ACTUALLY be interested in the content you share, instead of “pretending” to be interested. Which I find happens TOO often in engagement pods. Which is why I am kind of over the engagement pod trend. I find that many of the engagement that I received felt forced, which is not what I wanted.

This affordable e-course has ways for you to grow your traffic by targeting your audience on Pinterest

FOUR – Avoid Not Planning Ahead

Throughout my journey so far I realized that planning AHEAD & staying organized is SO necessary. It makes your life as a blogger a whole easier.

What I will usually do is plan out my blog posts a month in advance in my planner. This helps me to visualize what my month will look like blog wise, it also prevents writers block because I already know the posts I need to put out.

I also LOVE using Tailwind to schedule and plan out my Pinterest pins! It helps me so much because I don’t always have the time to manually pin.

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FIVE – Avoid Not Utilizing Pinterest

One thing that I learned that TAKES your blog to the next level, is finding a Pinterest strategy that will explode your blog traffic! I was shocked when I found out that Pinterest can be used to explode your blog traffic, I knew I had to utilize it immediately!

For a while I was manually pinning a ton which grew my Pinterest monthly viewers to 1.6 MILLION. But, I eventually found an EVEN BETTER Pinterst strategy that took my monthly BLOG VIEWS from 5k a month to 5k A WEEK.

If you want to find out what that strategy is, I created a detailed E-Course that is AFFORDABLE.  I have had over 150 people in just one week of launching, who took the leap to check it out, and all LOVING the results so far!


blog traffic strategy that you need to explode your stats

SIX –  Avoid Not Networking + Collaborating

One thing I learned as a new blogger is that it’s IMPORTANT to collaborate and network with other bloggers! In the beginning, finding your blog traffic strategy is tough. If you collaborate with other bloggers you are more likely to grow your reach.

Ways to collaborate with other bloggers:

Exchange guest posts. Have another blogger write a post for your blog and vice versa.

Do tags or collaborations. For example, I participated one where we each did a gift guide under ($10, $20, $30, $40, $50) and each blogger would like to the next.

SEVEN – Avoid Choosing Blue Host over Site Ground

I see Blue Host being mentioned often by bloggers. And of course everyone is always so skeptical of choosing to self host because they think bloggers who “blog about blogging” try to scam them into purchasing it since most of the time they share their affiliate links.

But think about it, if you are a blogger and can make money recommending services and products that you LOVE and use, wouldn’t you? It’s just like recommending your favorite shirt + using an affiliate link. You would HOPE the blogger who recommends the product is being truthful.

BUT – not every blogger who uses affiliate links is honest, there are SOME bloggers out there who do lie. They say what they need to say, to make the money. I however, do not play these games. I always recommend what I LOVE + use, no matter what.

Those who have stuck around my blog for a while now, know that I am all about being honest! You also know I try to offer as much free & and affordable content as I can. Using affiliate links allows me to continue to do so. Do I like when people purchase through my affiliate links? Of course, but I wouldn’t recommend something just to make a sale.

There are so many bloggers out there who are quick to mention Blue Host, UNTIL you purchase through Blue Host and run into a lot of trouble and realize they might not have been so truthful. Will I say that everyone’s experience with Blue Host is horrible? No! Because there are people who love Blue Host and swear they haven’t ever ran into any issues. BUT, I have heard many were upset with the lack of customer service, AND the amount of errors and down time with their website.

This is why I always recommend and suggest Site Ground when it comes to self hosting. Their support team is live 24/7 and are SO fast to respond. (within 5 minutes).  They even do free site transfers for you which is incredible! I just always like to make this known because I truly find self hosting wordpress with Site Ground to be so worth the investment! 3.95$ a month (48$ for the whole year) is so affordable for what you get! Just be wise when it comes to choosing your host, especially as a new blogger!

&& If you are wondering about why I think self hosting is the way to go, you can check this out.

EIGHT – Avoid Perfection

It’s so crucial to avoid perfection. Why? Because perfection doesn’t exist! Everyone has their own idea of “perfection.” But who’s to say what’s perfect and what’s not? Nothing is ever perfect. Remember that when you are creating your content. You want to create good, high quality content but don’t strive for perfection. You will end up slowing down your journey because you will obsess over how “perfect” your content is, and it will never be “good enough.” This will lead to unpublished posts, and missed content. It also won’t make your journey a fun one!

NINE – Avoid Waiting for Brands to Pitch to you

If you are a blogger and you are wanting to eventually “monetize” your blog and make money, one thing you look for is collaborations with brands. One of my most popular questions is How do I go about collaborating with brands and scoring sponsored posts?

MANY will wait for brands to reach out to them and make the offer. BUT what I learned is, brands are busy, and there are SO many bloggers out there to choose from. You should 100% make the bold move and pitch to brands that you want to work with first!

I have pitched to many brands like Tuft & Needle, Loreal, and more. I was afraid that I would get denied but almost all that I have pitched to has given me an opportunity to work with them in some way! From paid to free product. You really have nothing to lose! If they say no, oh well!

Want to learn how to make money & pitch to brands? This will walk you through it.

TEN – Avoid Not Having a Biz Mindset

I found it EXTREMELY helpful to go into blogging with a biz mindset. When I started blogging it wasn’t “just for fun.” I was depressed, I needed more financial stability, and I LOVED to write. But I knew that if I didn’t treat my blog like a biz, I would probably give up. If you have the biz mindset approach with your blog, it might give you the extra step you need to make it successful.

I have seen many bloggers take HUGE breaks away from their blogs. This can actually destroy all the progress you have made. If you have subscribers + followers and they havent heard from you in a month, it’s possible they might think you quit.

Am I more likely to keep up with a consistent blogger or an inconsistent blogger? … Hm.

I can’t take a month off of my job, so I WON’T take a month away from my blog. Don’t get me wrong, breaks are important. But a long break can really ruin all you have worked for thus far.

Another biz side of your blog is of course the “making money” aspect. If you plan on making money from blogging, you need a marketing strategy. Some CRUCIAL factors that have helped my marketing is:

  1. Personal Connections: Engage with your readers. In fact, I LOVE engaging with my readers because I find my readers to be like a big family, sisters, FRIENDS! It’s amazing to hear positive feedback from my readers and just learning a little about them too! I am a people person so engaging and making personal connections comes easy for me. Don’t ignore your audience. This doesn’t build trust at all. Which brings me to #2.
  2. Build Trust: Your audience isn’t going to purchase anything through or from you if they don’t trust you. You can’t usually sell a product easily without proving yourself first. You have to offer quality, free content. Make sure your audience knows that you are trust worthy! You can’t just expect to make money without building that trust first, and working hard to prove your worth!
  3. Community: Grow your own community that is filled with members who do know your worth, and can trust you! I created Boss Girl Bloggers, with no intentions of it turning into over 25,000 female entrepreneurs and bloggers who appreciate my advice! I am so glad that I decided to start my free community because it has helped me grow, and be able to do what I love to do! AND, I absolutely love everyone who is a part! You can see how to create and grow your own community HERE.

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