30 At Home Date Ideas For Couples

Right now many couples are at home practicing social distancing. With COVID-19, it’s important for us to make sure we are doing our part and staying home. My fiance and I have been losing our minds trying to pass the time. It’s been over 2 weeks now since we have been stuck at home together. I put together a list of 30 perfect at home date ideas for couples that are budget friendly. If you and your partner are bored at home, try these activities to pass the time!

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30 at home date ideas for couples

30 At Home Date Ideas For Couples

These are perfect date night ideas for couples who want to stay in and enjoy each other’s company.

1. Have a movie marathon

When it comes to at home date night ideas you can’t go wrong with a movie marathon. I know it’s going to sound cheesy but I love Disney movies. Binge watch some of your all time favorite movies from the past and grab your favorite snacks!  

2. Have a game night 

Growing up my family would play board games all the time. It’s something I always remember and love doing. Why not have a game night as a couple and enjoy each other’s company? 

3. Get to know each other with questions 

You may feel as if you know each other well but, I can almost guarantee there is still more to learn! Have a date night where you spend time asking each other questions to continue to learn each other. It sounds cliche but, it can bring you even closer as a couple. Figure out how your partner likes to be loved. What are their likes and dislikes? 

4. At home spa date night

An at home spa night might be the key to a stressful week. It lets you get more intimate. Take turns giving each other massages and you can end the night with face masks and a bubble bath (or shower). 

5. Learn how to cook something new together

Cooking as a couple can either go really well or really bad. Either way it’s a fun learning experience! Figure out a new recipe you both want to try and cook it up!

6. Make your favorite desserts together 

Instead of cooking a dinner you can get really sweet. Bake your favorite dessert or snack. 

7. Binge watch a tv series together

You can’t go wrong with a night of binge watching a good Netflix series. 

These are some of our favorites:

  • Ozark
  • Bates Motel 
  • Stranger Things
  • Haunting of Hill House
  • Breaking Bad
  • Dexter
  • Friday Night Lights 
  • Schitt’s Creek

8. Go for a walk

It might sound boring but going for a walk together is simple yet perfect. You can get really creative and even go for a hike or run. 

9. Play video games together

If you are dating a gamer like me, then a date night playing video games together might make your partner REALLY happy. Give it a try. 

10. Make Ice cream sundaes 

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sundae? I think making your own ice cream sundaes and watching a movie or tv show together is a great way to spend your time. 

11. Lay outside and stargaze

This is super old fashion and cheesy but, it’s one of my favorite things to do! 

12. Create TikTok videos

This seems to be the latest trend. I don’t know if your partner is feeling spontaneous but, get goofy and make TikTok videos together. Who knows, you might go viral!

13. Learn a new skill together

A great way to spend time together as a couple is by learning a new skill. Is there a skill you both have been wanting to learn? That’s a great way to spend the night.

14. Wine and dine with chocolate covered strawberries

Nothing spices up the romance like chocolate covered strawberries and wine. A perfect pairing that makes for an exciting date night. 

30 at home date ideas for couples that won't break the bank.

15. Create a date night jar

You can get really creative by putting all of your favorite date night ideas on popsicle sticks and place them into a date jar. The next time you can’t decide on a date, pull from your date jar!

16, Create a blanket/pillow fort and get cozy

It’s okay to be childish. Spend the night creating a blanket/pillow fort and then get cozy! You can binge watch movies in a new fun way. 

17. Give each other massages

This is similar to a spa night but instead it’s focused on just massages. 

18. Work on home improvement projects

If you are a super crafty couple, work on home improvement projects together. Maybe there is a wall you want to paint or a cabinet you need to fix. Get to work!

19. Do a DIY together

DIY projects are always fun. That don’t need to be home improvement related. Even if it’s an arts and crafty project. 

20. Learn each other’s love language

I love the 5 Love Languages book, it really changed my perspective on how I should love my partner. I talk more about the book and love languages in this post. Or you can purchase the book on Amazon here.

21. Play the Newlywed game

It’s funny to see how much you really know about each other. This is always a good time. 

22. Rearrange your room

If you have been living together as a couple for awhile now, it might be a good idea to spice up your life by rearranging a room! 

23. Go camping in your backyard or living room

If you are an adventurous couple then a camping night out in your backyard is the perfect at home date! You can even start a fire and roast up some marshmallows for smores! 

24. Exercise and be each other’s workout buddy

Sometimes exercising alone is boring. Have an at home work out and be each other’s accountability partner. 

25. Play a strip game (strip poker, strip Jenga, strip uno)

If you are looking for an at home date night idea to spice up your life then play a strip game! You can do this with poker, jenga, uno and more. 

26. Play a drinking game

Nothing like a night where you just unwind together. What better way to do so than with a drinking game!

27. Organize your house

This doesn’t sound like a fun date night idea but, sometimes it’s necessary. My house is so unorganized right now. Time to break the bad news to my fiance about my next date night idea.

28. Create a challenge for each other

I think it’s important to challenge each other as a couple. Create a challenge for each other to complete. 

29. Have a paint night and drink your favorite drinks together

I love win so having a wine drinking paint night with my fiance would be a perfect at home date night.

30. If you are really bored, blast music and have a dance party

Seriously, let loose! Sometimes the best way to spend your date night is to just get up and dance together. Live in the moment. It’s okay to get a little goofy when you’re bored.


I hope you find these at home date night ideas helpful!

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