April Obsessions

Where does the time go? It’s crazy to think it’s already May!! I feel as if April flew by. Although it was a cold and rainy month, I got to try out a ton of new products + music that I am just LOVING. Today I am going to share my favorites in beauty, skincare, haircare, music, and more!

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April is coming to an end so today I am sharing with you my April Obsessions! My favorite products, music, shows + more!

Beauty Obsessions

I for sure have had a ton of beauty obsessions this past month so I am excited to share with you! A lot of these products were on my Sephora VIB Sale wish list.

1.Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

April Obessions - Beauty obsessions that I have been loving for the month of april.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I loved my Stila Liquid Liner. Well, after hearing EVERYONE talk about Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner I just had to try it out myself. Now it has replaced my Stila liner and I am obsessed. It’s perfect for me because I am the worst at winged liner and I don’t have a steady hand. This glides easily and creates a perfect line, even with my unsteady hand. It also doesn’t smudge and lasts relatively long!

2.Anastasia Beverly Hills – Soft Glam Palette


My beauty obsessions for the month of April.

Seriously, how can you not LOVE ABH products? They are some of my absolute favorite products. This is my 3rd eye palette that I have by ABH and I will continue to purchase all of their palettes. I love how creamy and pigmented their eyeshadows are. My favorite thing about the Soft Glam Palette is the shades. They are pretty neutral and perfect for both night time glam looks, and everyday more subtle looks! They have mattes and shimmers. A perfect combo palette. You should also check out the Modern Renaissance + Prism palettes.

3.Nars Sheer Glow

Best in beauty, April - Beauty obsessions

I was in need of a new foundation so I decided to finally give the Nars Sheer Glow foundation a try! I love that it gives me that “summer time glow” without making me look too oily. It lasts long for my skin type, and I have pretty oily skin! I think I might have got the wrong shade but I love the product itself and how it looks on my skin! A flawless finish.

4.Anastasia Beverly Hills – Amrezy Highlight

April beauty obsessions. The perfect highlight

The love I have for this highlight is REAL. It’s so STUNNING. I can’t even say much else except for you need to get this if you haven’t already!

The perfect highlight, beauty obsessions for the month of April.

5.Michael Todd SonicBlend

My Beauty Obsessions for the month of April.

I really enjoy Michael Todd beauty products. I had the pleasure of being able to try out their SonicBlend beauty brush this month and I LOVED it. I was a huge beauty blender junkie and that’s all I would use to apply my foundation. Then I got introduced to this beauty tool and it was a game changer. It has 3 speed settings and makes applying your foundation so much easier. It gives me that “airbrushed” effect. Something that I wasn’t able to achieve with the beauty blender. You can also use it to apply your powders too!

6.LaNeige Lip Sleeping Mask

April beauty obsessions. Lip mask treatment

OH MAN, I wish I got this a lot sooner! This is like a miracle in a jar! I apply this to my lips right before bed and when I wake up my lips are so smooth! I suffered for the longest time from chapped lips. I seriously always would wake up with chapped, nasty, peeling lips. This has made my lips so smooth and soft. Now my lipstick looks FLAWLESS. So worth the $20. 

SkinCare Obsessions

I have always been a huge skincare fanatic! Growing up I struggled with acne and the struggle doesn’t stop as I get older. Now my acne has changed to cystic acne and it’s THE WORST. I have been using some awesome skin care products this month to help me combat my breakouts.

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1.Fresh – Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

April Skin Care Obsessions.

The Fresh Rose Facial Toner has been my go to this month! I love how it makes my skin feel after I use it! It gives me that “clean, fresh” skin feeling! It also has helped to minimize my pores and even my skin texture. Sometimes if I am feeling lazy I will use my face wipes & then follow up with a cotton pad that has my fresh toner on it to wipe off the remaining excess of makeup on my face.

2.Glam Glow – SuperMud Mask

April Skin Care Obsessions

I have been dying to get my hands on this face mask to see what the hype is about, and I am SO GLAD I did. This stuff is SO GOOD. I have used it as a face mask and a spot treatment over night. Over night it has made my acne shrink in size and basically dry them out! It also helps minimize my pores. Worth the price for sure.

April Skin Care Obsessions

Hair Care Obsessions

I recently color treated my hair in March so taking care of my hair and making it healthy again has been super important this past month! I have 2 favorites for hair care.

1.It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

My hair care obsessions for the month of April.

This was a favorite of mine when I was in high school. I recently started using it again and reminded myself why I love it so much! I spritz this in my damp hair after I wash it and it works to detangle, and make my hair feel soft, smooth, and look shiny + healthy! The ultimate leave in conditioner. Definitely recommend if you have fine, brittle, dry, or color treated hair.

2.Amika- Bust Your Brass

April Hair Care Obsessions. What I have been loving this month.

When I color treated my hair, I dyed it blonde. If you are a blondie you know the struggle of keeping your blonde hair bright, ashy, and not brassy. My hair goes brass (golden) so quick! I needed to get my hands on a good purple shampoo to help brighten my blonde back up. Amika’s Bust Your Brass shampoo does that for me! Even after the first use I could see a difference. It took some of my brass and lightened it to give it a more “ashy” white tone. Definitely recommend this if you are looking for a good purple shampoo to brighten your blonde!

Music Obsessions

I am a huge fan of music. It helps me to get through the day + long car rides of course! Here are some of my “on repeat” songs of the month!

  1. 1950 – King Princess 
  2. OMG – Camila Cabello
  3. Love Lies – Khalid 
  4. Whatever it Takes – Imagine Dragons
  5. Hasley – Bad at Love
  6. Post Malone – Better Now (it’s on spotify) His whole new album is great. (still remember when I met him before he was BUMPIN’ mainstream.
  7. I Like It – Cardi B
  8. Hillsong United – Oceans
  9. Hillsong United – Touch the Sky

TV Show Obsessions

I watch a lot of Netflix + I am a Reality TV junkie. (Not embarrassed to admit it!) So here’s what I have been binge watching lately.

  1. Love (on netflix)
  2. Are You The One, The Challenge, Ex on the Beach, The Bachelor, All the reality tv dating shows. LOL
  3. New Girl (Netflix)
  4. One Tree Hill (Hulu)
  5. The Good Wife (Hulu)
  6. Shameless – Can’t wait for a new season to air on Showtime.
  7. American Idol + The Voice
  8. Married at First Sight (SO CRAZY, took place in Boston this season)
  9. Sex in the City
  10. Girls (HBO)



Overall, April was a great month. I finally got to take on my blog full time + only work my other job 1-2 times a week. I am really looking forward to May! At the end of May I will be visiting my dad in Florida and going to Disney World! YAY! So much fun to come! I hope you had a wonderful April, we are one step closer to Summer!!!! Feel free to check out last years April obsessions!


Let me know what some of your obsessions were this past month in the comments below!


Until Next Time,