10 Amazon Finds Every Blogger Needs

Today I am talking all about amazon finds that every blogger needs! With the holidays right around the corner, these amazon finds are perfect to add to your holiday wish list. These are products that I have found and use daily from Amazon! Perfect for bloggers! I even talk about a few of these products in my Blog Investments Worth the hype post!

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10 amazon finds for bloggers!

1.Bloom Daily Vision Planner

How to create a monthly vision for your blog

I am obsessed with this planner. I use my bloom daily vision planner to help me plan out my monthly blog vision and goals. This planner helps keep me motivated, organized, and on top of my content schedule! You can read all about how I use this planner and create my monthly blog vision here.

2.Limo Studio Box Lighting

As a blogger, often times we need to take our own photography! If you take a lot of indoor photos such as flatlays and product shots, then you NEED to get some limo studio box lighting! This will help brighten and whiten your indoor photos. Without box lighting my images come out looking yellow and grainy. This box lighting helps to cut out the yellow tones and brighten my image overall and improve the image quality!

3.Neweer Ring Light

Being a beauty blogger I take a lot of selfies to try and show off makeup looks. This ring light has helped to take the “perfect selfie”, I know it sounds lame, BUT if you are a beauty blogger too then you know the struggle of getting good lighting to show off your created makeup look! This light helps improve the quality of any selfie! (believe me) 

4.Essential Oils Diffuser

I am a HUGE fan of essential oils. There are so many essential oils that help with specifc issues like my headaches, anxiety, stress, insomnia and more.

5.Cannon G7x

A more luxurious item to add to your blogger wish list is the Cannon G7x. I am obsessed with this camera! I purchased it at the beginning of the year. The photo quality is stunning and I love how it has a screen that flips up! Perfect for those who vlog and/or for taking selfies (for all my beauty bloggers!) Photography is huge when it comes to blogging. Of course you can use stock photos but, if you are wanting to add a personal touch, taking your own images is huge! This camera is perfect investment. 

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6.Letter Board & Letters 

10 amazon finds every blogger needs to have on their wishlist this year!

You know those awesome letter boards that you see everywhere? Well I am obsessed with them & love to use them for inspo! I usually will create inspiring messages on my boards and leave them on my desk to help keep me motivated!

7. You Are a Bad Ass

This book is life changing. It’s the perfect self help book and it really taught me to chase after my dreams fearlessly, while remembering just how capable I am of greatness! I love how Jen, the author, is down to earth and humorous too!

8. Girl Wash Your Face

Another awesome self help book is “Girl Wash Your Face”! Rachael is an amazing author and in this book she shares lies that she once believed about herself & her life. Then she shares how she defeats each of those lies. Perfect for those who may feel like they aren’t “far enough along” in life yet or feel like they aren’t where they are supposed to be. This book is very empowering. 

9. Comfy Office Chair

If you are a blogger who works from home then it’s important to have a comfy and inspiring work space! Perhaps a home office? Every office needs a comfy office chair! Here’s one that needs to be on your wish list!

10.Boss Babe Mug 

10 Amazon finds bloggers need to have on their wish list.

Every boss babe needs a boss babe mug! I use this mug for all my drinks, from coffee and water.. to wine! Whatever I feel like drinking at the moment! Plus it’s super cute! It’s a win win! When you are working from home constantly, it’s the little things that keep you amused!

Hope you enjoyed this list! What are some of your favorite amazon finds?!