9 Pinterest Hacks to Explode Your Views & Blog Traffic

What is the trick to mastering Pinterest so you can grow your blog traffic and make money blogging? This is a question many ask in Boss Girl Bloggers. Luckily, I am a Pinterest nerd and do everything I can to make sure I’m using it my full advantage! I like to test Pinterest strategies and share my results with you!

Recently, I noticed a lot of people having issues with Pinterest. Maybe you experienced the drop of Pinterest views when Pinterest recently went public. Don’t worry you aren’t alone! My views noticed a slight drop but I quickly brought it back up! Currently I receive over 3 million monthly Pinterest views! However I have noticed that Pinterest views do not equal out to blog traffic. The most important thing to remember is that Pinterest views aren’t everything. What really matters is your blog pins’ click through rate. PLUS, Pinterest views go up and down all the time.

I currently receive anywhere from 60,000 – 100,000 monthly blog views from Pinterest! Some months are higher than others and vice versa with monthly Pinterest views of 2 million to 3 million. My best days have seen over 8,000 Pinterest views a day!


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I did some research to see if this is the usual for most bloggers with Pinterest views of 2 million + and it seems that this is the usual blog traffic to expect with these Pinterest views, although each account is different! Results will always vary depending on niche, audience, and the way you are pinning! If you aren’t pinning your own content, chances are you could have 2 million Pinterest views and no blog traffic.  

I started my blog a little over two years ago so I am very happy about the blog traffic I do have and I have Pinterest to thank for that! I want to share 9 of my favorite Pinterest hacks that will help to increase your Pinterest views and hopefully convert that into more blog traffic!!!!

9 Pinterest hacks to help you grow your blog traffic and Pinterest views! Master Pinterest marketing this year!

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Pinterest Hacks #1: Making Sure Your Pinterest SEO is on point!

Pinterest is a visual search engine with a smart feed. If you want your Pins to show up in smart feeds and search then you need to make sure your Pinterest SEO is on point! Keywords are going to be very important for proper SEO!

Here is an example of how my pins rank thanks to proper Pinterest SEO. 

I searched “Look like a professional blogger” and 2 of my pins ranked first:

8 Pinterest hacks to grow your blog traffic and Pinterest views

I also searched “Journal prompts for self discovery” and my pin ranked 3rd!

How to grow your Pinterest and blog traffic with these 8 Pinterest hacks.

Let’s test one more search, “Boost your mood” and my pin pops up 1st!:

How to grow your Pinterest views and blog traffic with these 8 Pinterest hacks

Keep in mind that when you search for pins, each search will be different but relatively stays pretty accurate. Having keyword descriptions and pinning to keyword relevant boards will help your pins rank in searches! This is a great way to keep your pins relative and bringing you blog traffic! 

Another great way to rank on Pinterest is having your profile rank as well! Since I share a lot of Pinterest strategies and I am a Pinterest strategic manager, I wanted to make sure my Pinterest profile ranked when people searched “Pinterest Marketing” and “Pinterest Strategist” as well as “blog coach”.

I rank 2nd for “Pinterest Marketing”, “Pinterest Strategist”, and “Blog Coach” currently:

How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest hacks and strategies

Pinterest hacks for blog traffic

Pinterest hacks for blog traffic

You’ll want to make sure you are using keywords in your profile description AND in your profile business name to make sure your profile is ranking.  

How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest hacks and tips

I go over this in more detail in my Pinterest course!

**PRO TIP: Do not pin the same pin to the same board more than once! This throws Pinterest off. (reasons why I don’t use smart loop on Tailwind) You will get better results if you refrain from pinning the same pin to the same board multiple times. YOU CAN However, pin the same pin to multiple different boards that relate to the pin. AND you can pin the same link to the same board, just make sure to create a new pin for that link. 

Pinterest Hacks #2: Play around with different pin styles!

I try to do a variety of different pin styles each week! 

Different pin styles to try out:

  • List pins (pins that are styled in list form and have a “click to read more” call to action) 
  • Quotes! These help a lot when it comes to growing your Pinterest views PLUS I find the click through is still successful 
  • Pinterest perfect sized pins (experiment with titles too! As well as colors. Perfect sized pins are about 600 x 900 buy pin should be 2:3 ratio) 
  • Images from your blog – pin images from your blog and Instagram! Perfect for fashion/beauty bloggers. 

I will usually do a mixture of all the above! I find quotes and list pins bring me great views but I get better click through with my perfect sized pins with titles! 

Example of a List pin:

Grow your blog traffic with Pinterest hacks

This is a pin that I did for my journal prompts blog post. I have 31 journal prompts and listed out about 15 prompts on the pin. They have to click and read more if they want to get more journal prompts. This style of pin brought me a lot of impressions and saves! The click through rate isn’t as strong as a “perfect sized pin” with title but it still brought me some clicks! 

You can see the drastic click through rate difference with “perfect sized pins” with titles! They still get me impressions but the click through rate is MUCH higher!

Pinterest hacks for bloggers

How to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest hacks

Play around with your pin styles, change up the colors, fonts, and sizes and see what works best! 

You should also invest in some stock photos to create gorgeous Pinterest pins! 

I LOVE Ivory Mix & Creative Market 

Pinterest Hack #3: Don’t be afraid to pin more of your own content.

I find that a lot of bloggers are failing to pin a lot of their own blog pins! I actually pin a majority of my own pins everyday and only a few of others’ pins. There is nothing wrong with that! Just don’t be spammy.

That’s why I love Tailwind. It allows me to pin throughout the day without spamming at one time. It also allows me to actively pin without having to manually pin! The best pin scheduler approved by Pinterest. 

If you have Tailwind but have no idea how to use it to grow your blog traffic, this course will help!

Pinterest Hacks #4: Create new pins weekly!

Pinterest loves fresh pins, so make sure you are creating new pins every week. I like to create 5-7 new pins every Sunday. This will consist of usually a new blog post pin, 3-4 pins of my best performing blog posts on Pinterest and 1-2 pins for my e-course/affiliate links.

I’ll schedule these pins to Tailwind and it will usually fill up 3/4 of my weekly schedule. The rest of the pins I schedule will be pins from Tailwind tribes!

Pinterest Hack #5: Make use of Tailwind Tribes!

If you aren’t using Tailwind tribes actively then you are missing out! The best investment I could have made was upgrading to unlimited tribes. This allows me to join as many tribes as I want, as well as share to tribes as many times as I want.

Tribes are almost like group boards that you join on Pinterest, but it’s on Tailwind. You can take your created pins and add them to tribes so people can then schedule your pin from the tribe to their tailwind queue, which will then get pinned on Pinterest! This gives your pin more reach and opportunity to get seen and clicked onto!

When I invested in Tailwind tribes unlimited my Pinterest views went up by NO LIE… 1 million. I was then able to also increase my blog traffic from 35,000 monthly to 70,000 + monthly. I’m not saying this was just because of Tailwind tribes but once I used unlimited tribes along side my Pinterest strategies my blog traffic and Pinterest views blew up.  

Pinterest Hacks #6: Always re-create pins that go viral!

Now you might be wondering, how do I know if a pin went viral? In my opinion if your pin is getting more attention than any other pin, that’s probably a popular post! I have this one pin for my blog post “10 things to remember in a relationship” and without fail, every time I re-create it, this pin will bring me thousands of clicks!

How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest hacks


Pinterest hacks

Pinterest hacks Pinterest hacks for bloggers

I don’t hesitate to re-create that pin every week! If you have popular pins that are bringing you blog traffic, continue to create new pins for that blog post each week! 

Pinterest Hacks #7: Pin with the season!

I’m just saying, seasonal content on Pinterest is a huge plus!! If you think about it, the average Pinterest user is using Pinterest probably for holiday related events or seasonal ideas! If it’s summer, pin summer content! If it’s the holidays, pin holiday content!

It helps to pin seasonal content during the season! Also keep in mind if you are creating seasonal content, start pinning that content at least 30-60 days in advance since Pinterest pins do need some time to cook before they really get attention!

Pinterest Hacks #8: Pay attention to your Pinterest analytics!

This is KEY to a good Pinterest marketing strategy. You want to look at your analytics to see which pins are bringing you the most clicks, what boards are bringing you the most clicks and what boards you might want to ditch!

I love looking into my board insights on Tailwind because it tells me the chances I have for a pin to go viral on each board. It also shows me which boards are most engaged with my content! Super helpful.

Pinterest Hacks #9: Don’t delete boards or pins unless you are prepared for the consequences.

I know people say to only have boards related to your niche/blog topics … I used to think this way but honestly, in my opinion it doesn’t really matter. Most of your pins are seen in the smart feed/search anyway!

But if you do decide to get rid of a board I suggest making it secret rather than deleting! Learn from my mistake. When you delete a board you are also deleting pins (which probably contribute to your monthly views) therefore your monthly views might drop.

You may also lose followers who were following that board. This happened to me. I went on a board purge and doing so lost me over 2,000 followers. VERY UPSETTING. So just remember that when you delete pins or boards you may lose your Pinterest views and some followers! Be prepared.

I hope you found these 9 hacks helpful! I go into Pinterest in more detail in my Pinterest e-course “Pinterest with Ell!” An affordable $32 e-course that goes in depth about creating a Pinterest marketing strategy that grows your blog traffic and Pinterest views! You’ll also learn how I use Tailwind to my advantage in a step by step tutorial! How to best optimize your Pinterest for SEO, how I make money with Pinterest and more!!

If Pinterest seems like a lot of work and you just don’t have the time, let’s chat! I would love to be your Pinterest manager!! You can learn more about it here! Or send me an email [email protected]

AND feel free to follow me on Pinterest!