75 Ways To Treat Yourself

There is nothing better than treating yourself, especially during tough times. I love to treat myself throughout the year whether it be a little bit of self care or a new outfit. I put together a list of 75 ways to treat yourself. The great news is these are budget friendly ideas for treating yourself, it doesn’t haven’t to be pricey! 

75 ways to treat yourself

75 ways to treat yourself – these ideas are budget friendly

I am sharing 75 ideas for treating yourself and I made sure to break them up by category. 

Beauty Treat Yourself Ideas  

  1. Put on a face mask – I feel refreshed every time I put on a face mask. 
  2. Get a facial
  3. Buy new makeup
  4. Get your nails done or paint your own nails
  5. Get a hair blowout – I love getting my hair professionally washed and blow dried. I feel like a new woman!
  6. Get your hair done – This is always a great idea when it comes to treating yourself after a long week.
  7. Get a pedicure
  8. Do an in depth skin care routine – Here is mine.
  9. Watch a beauty makeup tutorial video and follow along

Self Care Treat Yourself Ideas

  1. Read a feel good book – A great way to treat yourself is by sitting in a quiet space and reading a good book. I have some of my favorite self love books mentioned here.
  2. Take a bubble bath
  3. Have a spa day – Treat yourself to the spa or make your own at home spa day.
  4. Get a massage
  5. Watch your favorite movie
  6. Have a wine and paint night – This is one of my favorite activities! 
  7. Listen to a motivational podcast – I definitely recommend listening to Manifestation Babe.
  8. Binge watch a good tv series – Some of my favorites are: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, New Girl, and Madmen
  9. Treat yourself by learning a new skill
  10. Work on your favorite hobby
  11. Stay in your pjs all day
  12. Light your favorite candle
  13. Have a photo shoot JUDGEMENT FREE – Sometimes I’ll sit there and take selfies using snapchat filters because they make me look flawless! 
  14. Have a staycation
  15. Explore a new city
  16. Watch TED Talks
  17. Journal and write your heart out – Here are some journaling prompts for self-love.
  18. Wash your bedding
  19. Listen to your favorite uplifting music – Sometimes I love listening to classical piano music to relax.
  20. DIY something
  21. Go for a drive with the music blasting
  22. Sign up for a class you’ve been wanting to take. 
  23. Organize your space
  24. Rearrange your space
  25. Treat yourself by going to bed early
  26. Make a vision board
  27. Unplug from technology for a bit
  28. Set up an inspiration notebook filled with quotes and photos that inspire you

Treat Yourself Ideas That Are A Splurge

  1. Treat yourself by buying a new outfit
  2. Buy a new pair of shoes
  3. Splurge on luxurious skin care products
  4. Buy yourself new jewelry
  5. Treat yourself with a weekend getaway
  6. Treat yourself with a car wash
  7. Go to a wine tasting
  8. Go to a concert
  9. Buy new luxurious bedding
  10. Buy new lingerie – Nothing wrong with a sexy treat for yourself
  11. Buy yourself flowers
  12. Buy your favorite perfume
  13. Go to the mall
  14. Go to the movies and buy the movie theater buttered popcorn

Treat Yourself Ideas You Can Indulge In

  1. Treat yourself by indulging in your favorite snack – There’s nothing better than eating your favorite snack.
  2. Eat your favorite comfort food meal – A home cooked meal can really hit the spot.  
  3. Eat at your favorite restaurant
  4. Bake something delicious
  5. Visit your favorite coffee shop
  6. Eat chocolate paired with your favorite wine.
  7. Enjoy a good cup of coffee.
  8. Dress up and go to a fancy restaurant 
  9. H
  10. Have a picnic at the park

Health & Well Being Ideas For Treating Yourself

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Go for a hike – A hike enjoying nature is a perfect budget friendly treat.
  4. Treat yourself through meditation
  5. Take the day off
  6. Sleep in late
  7. Take a nap
  8. Watch the sunrise
  9. Watch the sunset
  10. Do something on your bucket list
  11. Dance in the rain
  12. Spend time outside in the sun
  13. Garden and plant
  14. Do yoga


I hope you found this list helpful! Now it’s time to choose an idea and get to treating yourself!

75 best ways to treat yourself that are budget friendly

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