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7 Reasons Why Pinterest isn’t Growing your Blog Traffic

7 Pinterest mistakes to fix if you want to grow your blog traffic

Today I am talking about my favorite topic, PINTEREST! If you have been following me for a while then you know my love for Pinterest is REAL. A common question I get asked is, how do I get more blog views? and my number one answer is ALWAYS Pinterest. Why? Because Pinterest currently brings me over 60,000  page views monthly and it is continuously growing!

How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest

When I mention this I get shocked responses from bloggers who had no idea that it was possible to get this much blog traffic from Pinterest! But…YUP it’s possible! If you aren’t using Pinterest to grow your blog traffic, I highly recommend it! 

What happens next is that bloggers will then create a Pinterest and try to master it and then get stuck. 

“How come my blog traffic isn’t growing? Why can’t I get my pins to convert to clicks? What am I doing wrong with my Pinterest account?”

Today I want to share 7 mistakes I see most bloggers making when it comes to Pinterest. This could be the missing piece to the puzzle! If you try to fix these 7 mistakes you may just see an increase in blog traffic thanks to Pinterest! 

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used! If you purchase via my link I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love and use. This helps support my blog and provide free content for you! Thank you for your support. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

7 Pinterest mistakes you are making. How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest marketing strategies.

7 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

1.Not properly setting up your Pinterest profile

If you are using Pinterest to try and grow your blog traffic, it is essential to make sure your Pinterest is set up properly, because YES there is a proper way to have it set up. Let’s talk about some of the major keys to setting up a Pinterest profile properly.

Having a business account

You want to make sure your Pinterest account is a business account. Now it’s SUPER easy to convert your current account to a business account without having to start over. It is completely up to you if you want to start fresh or just convert your current profile to business. To convert or sign up for a business account, go here.

Claim your website

This part gets a lot of users stuck. It can be tricky to claim your blog on Pinterest but I will try to make it easy. First things first, you will go to your profile settings and then hit “Claim” – It will ask for your website url and you will put it in, they will then give you a code to insert into your blog header. This is the tricky part. 

**NOTE – not all blog platforms allow you to do this. If you are on a free platform, chances are you can’t claim your website on Pinterest/set up rich pins which can lower your Pin’s reach and chance of growing your blog traffic. This would be a perfect time to go self hosted! Siteground is the self host I use and if you sign up for their “grow big” plan they will help you with the transfer process! Their customer support is amazing. You also want to make sure you own your domain name. If you are using blogger and don’t own your domain name you can purchase your domain for super cheap from Namecheap.

If you are self hosted there are a few ways you can claim your website on Pinterest:

  • Install the “Insert headers/footers” plug-in and place the code in the “header” section of the plug-in. 
  • You could go to your wordpress dashboard > appearance > editor and place the code manually into your theme. You’ll want to place it after the “< head > “ code which is usually found in the theme header section. 
  • OR you could install the YOAST SEO plug-in and claim your Pinterest in the social media section of that plug-in. 

I personally claimed mine with option #1! 

Set up rich pins

Once you claim your website you can then set up rich pins which is super easy! You just use this pin validator and they will email you once you are approved for rich pins! Once approved, your blog post pins will slowly start to convert into rich pins. Having rich pins will give your pins more authority and expand your reach. It also provides more details on what the pin is about (especially recipe pins).

Have a profile picture 

It’s pretty important to have a profile picture for your Pinterest account. This could be a brand image, a personal photo of yourself that shows your personality, your blog logo! I find that having a personal image of myself was the best way to go. 

Have keywords in your profile description and name

I will be talking about Pinterest SEO a little later on, BUT Pinterest is a visual search engine therefore, just like google, keywords are ...KEY (; 

Here is an example of myPinterest business name & description:

Grow your blog traffic with Pinterest

As you can see, I used the key words “Pinterest marketing strategist, blog coach, Pinterest strategies, blog tips”

This has helped me rank 1st when searching “Blog Coach”:

How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest

& 3rd when searching “Pinterest Marketing” & “Pinterest Strategist” 

Pinterest marketing strategies to grow blog traffic.

Pinterest tips to grow your blog traffic.

It is important to make sure your Pinterest profile is set up properly to rank in searches! 

Board Covers 

Next you want to set up your boards & board covers! If you are big into “branding” like I am, then you want to have “branded” board covers to make your profile look clean and organized!

You don’t NEED to have board covers BUT it is a nice touch! I created my board covers on Canva! Once you create the cover, simply upload it to the board you wish & set it as your new board cover– make sure NOT to delete this pin from the board because that will remove your board cover.

Pinterest tips to grow your blog traffic.

If you have converted your current Pinterest into a business account, maybe you want to clean up your boards so it reflects your brand more! You can definitely do that! Do this by turning any boards that aren’t related to your blog into “secret” boards. 

** Keep in mind, if you delete boards you might lose followers and Pinterest views. I learned this the hard way. I deleted an unrelated board in the beginning of my Pinterest journey and lost over 1,000 followers because they were following the board I deleted. You are also essentially deleting pins when you delete a board too which have impressions, therefore you may drop in Pinterest views! So keep that in mind. 

Create a dedicated blog post board & feature it

I love having a dedicated blog post board! This is where I pin all of my new blog posts. I make sure to set it as my “featured” board as well, that way when someone comes onto my profile it’s the first thing they see! You can set your blog post board as your featured board by going to your settings > featured board. 

Set up your profile cover

If you are trying to create a “branded” look then your profile cover plays a huge part! You can choose which ever board you wish to set as your profile cover. Personally for me I set my “blog post board” as the cover. It will show my latest pins that were saved to that board. If someone clicks on my cover it will bring them to my blog post board which means extra opportunity to get eyes on my blog post pins! Just click the “pencil” to choose which board you wish to feature pins from for your cover! 

grow your blog traffic with Pinterest strategies.

2. You aren’t consistently pinning your own blog pins

This is where most bloggers struggle when it comes to growing their blog traffic with Pinterest. They decide to pin their blog post pin once and hope it takes off! Well, sometimes that works but for the most part you need to pin your own pins on Pinterest consistently! Don’t be afraid to either! 

Now many ask, how many pins should I pin daily?

The answer varies from account to account. Some can pin 25 times a day and get GREAT traffic while others have to pin 75 times a day. The magic number is different for everyone. I always suggest to start off by pinning 25 times a day and increasing if needed.

They say that you shouldn’t pin too much because Pinterest has a rule that once you have saved 200,000 pins you can’t save anymore. Yes, I have read this from Pinterest too but I also wonder how much truth is behind it. The reason being is that some of my favorite pinners have saved more than 200,000 pins with no problem! Plus, Pinterest is always changing just like any other platform. It takes a while to reach 200,000 pins anyway! Test the waters and see what works for you. 

How many pins of my own do I pin a day?

Currently I pin about 75 times a day, that seems to be my “magic number” currently. I pin at least 55 of my own pins a day and the rest will be others pins. I know this number sounds overwhelming and people ask me How the heck can you pin that often?!

The golden tool: TAILWIND! I use Tailwind which is a Pin scheduler. This tool has saved my butt! I swear by it. It does the pinning for me! I still make sure to check in daily and repin others’ pins to make sure that I am using the platform because Pinterest LOVES that. BUT, Tailwind is approved by Pinterest to allow business owners and bloggers to schedule pins around the clock so you are consistently pinning on Pinterest! Staying active on Pinterest helps grow your reach overall. If you haven’t invested in Tailwind yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. 

I know Tailwind overwhelms a lot of people which is why I created a Pinterest e-course that goes in depth on my strategies including how I use Pinterest to my full potential! You will also learn where I am pinning my own pins and how I am able to have enough content to pin so often. 

3.You aren’t creating fresh pins often enough

I used to create a set of pins and then continue to repin that same pin design constantly for months. That stopped working. Pinterest actually LOVES when you create fresh pins. This is when you design a new pin for the same blog post. Don’t be afraid to create multiple pins for one blog post! I actually create a new pin design every week for my high performing blog posts. It makes a heck of a difference!

Here are examples from the past 3 weeks for the same post: 

How to grow your blog traffic with pinterest strategies


how to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest 10 ways you are self sabotaging your happiness.

You can see that I keep the same “branded color scheme” and fonts but switch up the design a bit. If you want you can also switch up the words to see which titles drive more clicks and which designs bring you more reach! That’s the thing with Pinterest, you are constantly tweaking your strategy to continue your growth. 

4.Your pin designs are slacking

Alright, it’s time to get REAL and honest with yourself. Are your pin designs slacking? In all seriousness we aren’t all graphic designers, I get that! BUT the truth is, if you want to grow your Pinterest and get clicks on those pins you are pushing out, you NEED to have somewhat decent pin designs! Take a good look at your designs and evaluate them. 

  • Are they easy to read? 
  • Are they messy?
  • Do they stand out?
  • Are the titles click worthy?
  • How are the images you are using?

I’ll show you some of my first ever pins (I cringe looking at them): 

How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest strategies

EEEEK – maybe it’s not AWFUL but, the font looks messy and not as “professional” as my newer pins. This pin didn’t get much attention compared to my newer pins. 

Here’s another bad boy! 

The best pinterest tips to grow your blog traffic.

 Again, not horrible but it still looks messy and overwhelming on the eyes! 

Now I am going to show you some of my newer pins and you can see, hopefully, my improvement:

Pinterest tips to grow your blog traffic.

Pinterest tips to grow your blog Pinterest tips to grow your blog traffic

My font is easier to read, doesn’t look as messy, & I started to pay attention to my brand more. 

Here are some of my favorite resources for creating pins: 

  • Canva – I love canva because they have so many Pinterest templates to choose from that are the perfect pin size! Ideally your pins should be 600 x 900 to catch attention in the Pinterest feed. I recommend the desktop version since the app is constantly glitching and driving me insane.
  • Creative Market – There are tons of awesome stock photos on creative market that I use to create my pins. 
  • Ivory Mix – another awesome place to get pretty stock photos to create pins

Having attractive, high quality pins will increase your pin’s reach and will help your pin go viral and get clicks! 

Here are some analytics of pins I created that prove pin quality matters: 

How to get a pin to go viral

I find that some of my top performing pins are those related to relationships. (apparently my Pinterest audience loves this because every time I put a pin out with this title, I get clicks!) Always put out content that brings you the views! Once this pin went viral I created another one and that one took off too!

Get your Pinterest pin to go viral

Here’s another popular post that takes off every time I create a new pin for it. 

Pinterest tips to grow your blog

So if you are thinking to yourself “I need to blog about blogging in order to get blog traffic with Pinterest”WRONG! In fact, my “blogging about blogging” pins don’t get nearly as much attention as my lifestyle pins do. As you can see, they get saved but the click through rate isn’t as strong as my lifestyle pins.  

Pinterest tips to grow your blog 

This all brings me to my next point….

5.You aren’t paying attention to your analytics

If you want to grow your Pinterest and blog traffic with Pinterest, you NEED to pay attention to your analytics! That’s the only way you will see growth. You want to pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. 

So what are some important analytics to pay attention to? 

Some people would say monthly Pinterest views don’t matter, which I totally understand…BUT, they are still important. If you are getting Pinterest views, then you are getting eyes on your pins! You can’t have “clicks” if you aren’t getting Pinterest views. Pinterest views and pin clicks go hand in hand. I will say though, Pinterest clicks are MORE important because that means BLOG TRAFFIC! And don’t worry, just because you have 500,000 Pinterest doesn’t mean you are going to have 500,000 monthly blog views. 

I have reached out to other active bloggers who swear by Pinterest to compare their monthly views and blog traffic and I have yet to find one who’s monthly Pinterest views add up to their blog traffic from Pinterest. SO DON’T STRESS IT.  

You can also get tons of Pin impressions and no clicks which is why creating attractive pins with catchy titles is so important!

Look at your pinterest anaylitcs > website > clicks and see:

  1. Which pins are bringing you the most clicks 
  2. Which boards are bringing you the most clicks 

Keep creating new pins for those pins that go “viral”… For example, my “10 things to remember in a relationship” pin always takes off! So I continue to create new pins for this blog post every week. Doing this strategy helps bring me consistently 2,000- 3,000 page views a day and some days even more depending on when these pins really take off! 

If you see that a pin is getting you clicks it means that you are capturing your audience’s attention and that’s the kind of content they are attracted to! 

Keep in mind Pinterest views and Pin clicks/impressions are constantly going up and down because viral pins do eventually taper off! That’s why you need to continue creating pins that are similar to the pins that are going viral! Because let me tell ya, IT WORKS. But don’t stress if your Pinterest views go down. It happens!

I also like to use my Tailwind board insights to see which boards are the “most engaging” and have a higher “virality” score. Those are the boards you want to pin to! 

Again I go over all of this in detail in my Pinterest e-course

6. You aren’t using proper Pinterest SEO 

Like I mentioned before, Pinterest is a visual search engine. Using keywords in your Pinterest descriptions is so important if you want to rank in searches! 

Here are a few examples of how I have pins that rank:

Keyword search: “How to look like a pro blogger” – the first pins to pop up are some of mine!

Pinterest tips to grow blog traffic.

Keyword search: “Journal prompts for self discovery”, my pin pops up 3rd.

Pinterest tips to grow blog traffic

Keyword search: “Daily habits for happiness”, my pin popped up 7th

Pinterest tips

The more you rank in searches, the more chances you have of getting that blog traffic! In my Pinterest e-course I talk about how to do keyword research and how to rank higher on Pinterest! If you aren’t using keyword descriptions then you are using Pinterest wrong as a blogger/business owner! 

7. You aren’t using Tailwind tribes 

I used to never take Tailwind tribes seriously until this year and WOW was I missing out! They say group boards were the key to mastering Pinterest but now that group boards aren’t as popping as they used to be, Tailwind tribes is where it’s at!

How it works is: You would join a Tailwind tribe and share your blog post pin to the tribe. Then other tribe members can share your pin to their own boards on Pinterest which expands your pin’s reach and increases your chance to get more blog traffic! 

I invested in unlimited tailwind tribes and I am so happy I did. I try to share to Tailwind tribes every other day about 2-3 pins each time. I am a part of about 40 Tailwind tribes related to all different topics I blog about. 

KEEP IN MIND: When you share a pin to the tribe you also have to schedule a pin of someone else’s from the tribe to your own boards! That’s the only way tribes are beneficial and work. It can be a lot to keep up with if you are actively sharing to tribes. BUT it’s worth it! My blog traffic nearly doubled from utilizing Tailwind Tribes!

If you are ready to start your Pinterest journey with me I have an affordable Pinterest e-course that is only $32.

This course goes in depth about my strategies including :

  • Detailed Tailwind tutorial (how I use it to benefit my blog) 
  • Where to pin, how to pin, how many times to pin, ideal times to pin 
  • Creating viral pins
  • Keyword research and Pinterest SEO 
  • How to make sales on Pinterest 

& more! 

You can purchase the course here.

I know Pinterest can be overwhelming and time consuming. If you don’t have the time but still want to invest, it might be worth it to hire a Pinterest manager! I do strategic Pinterest managing that starts at $200 a month. I would love to work with you! You can e-mail me about it – [email protected] 

I hope you found this post helpful!!! Can’t wait for you to take your blog to the next level! 

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  • Tiffany

    Super helpful post, Ell! I love these tips and am going to start creating more fresh pins for posts I have already pinned about!! Thanks!! 🙂

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much! I hope it helps (:

  • Great post as usual…

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      Thanks so much! (:

  • Stephanie

    Loved this post! It was so helpful and I just started implementing most of them. Excited to see how it might help!

    • ellduclos

      Thank you!!!(: Can’t wait to see how it helps you too!

  • KyraBlogger

    this is a really helpful post! thanks for sharing 🙂

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much! so glad you found it helpful (:

  • Madi Dearson

    Elle this is SUCH a fantastic post! and though I read so much and did a course on Pinterest before, you still managed to give me new points to implement. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • ellduclos

      So glad to hear that! Thank you so much Madi!! (:

  • I NEED to up my pin-creating game but that is NOT one of my strong suits hahaha. Also it’s crazy that you doubled your blog traffic just by using Tailwind Tribes! Maybe I should take them more seriously too.

    • ellduclos

      I find creating pins fun surprisingly 😅 but I know, tribes helped me so much!!

  • Holly

    Thanks for the tips! I definitely need to pay more attention to branding. My images are probably all over the place.

    Can you pin your own pin too much? I have a bunch of boards, and when I write a new post, I’ll pin to all pertinent boards (maybe 15 of them) over time. I set the interval to every 2 days and try not to pin the same pin to the same board more than once in a month. Does that sound okay?

    It’s the same image for all of them. Should I make 2-3 images and divide up my posting instead?

    • ellduclos

      So glad you found it helpful! Essentially what I do is I create 5-10 pins on Sundays and schedule them to all of the relative boards related to the pins and then hit the shuffle button. Then repeat the process every Sunday filling my schedule up on tailwind each week (: I pay attention to analytics and create new pins for the pins that go viral and seem to do well since it’s a given that a new pin for the same blog post will go viral again! At least from my personal experience! I wouldn’t say that you should be worried about pinning your own pins too often as long as you aren’t pinning the same pin in a row because it’ll make your profile look spammy!

  • Sarah

    Super helpful Lauren! I’ve been considering investing in unlimited tribes and I just might do it now.

    • ellduclos

      I was so glad I did! Thank you!!

  • Shar

    Love this post. These are great tips.

    xx, Shar

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      Thank you so much Shar!

  • Milan Tesic

    The problem with new Pinterest users when they see blogs getting 10’s of thousands of visitors from this network is that they think it’s easy to achieve this numbers. They don’t realize that a butload of work is involved before seeing these results, not to mention time required to grow your Pinterest account.

    Learning Pinterest marketing is the same as learning any other skill in life. It takes a lot of work, education and trial and error to get those people from Pinterest to your website.

    On top of that, your blog content must be top notch. No matter how good your Pinterest account is, if your website sucks you won’t have returning visitors. By branding your pins, you ensure that people associate your pin looks with good content, thus making them click on your next pin when it comes up.

    Learn people and experiment and results will come. But don’t expect to get 10k visitors in your first month. Not gonna happen.

    • ellduclos

      100% a lot of people think it happens immediately but everything takes time when it comes to blogging. Patience, consistency and strategies! (:

  • Jasmine

    Awesome tips! I have been wondering where I messed up, thank you for this post.

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    Thanks for the post! I always find it so interesting to read other people’s “perfect” number of daily pins. Ours are about the same! And I agree about Tailwind, it’s a game changer. I’m impressed you pin 55 of your own a day! I don’t even have 55 blog posts yet hahaha (though I have probably 80-something pins for all my posts all told).

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much!! (: Creating multiple pins for each blog post definitely helps to be able to pin that many a day! I have a weird obsession with creating pins! I find it fun hahah!

  • CherishingFlo

    I think my pin designs are where I’m messing up most. I’m not very good at the designing part of the pins but that is the next big thing that I am working on! Great post!

  • Megan

    Thank you for the information! As soon as I read your post I hopped on my Pinterest to update what I could immediately and I’m on my way to tweaking the rest. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks 🙏🏼

    • ellduclos

      Aw it’s my pleasure! So glad you found the Pinterest tips helpful!

  • Sumidha Sood

    Simple things but strategical,one can learn to improve their brand performance.
    Thanks for this post 🙂

  • Enstine Muki

    Thanks for sharing these tips. This is my third month of pinning consistently. Though with average of 50 daily clicks to my blog from Pinterest, I still feel behind. I will follow your tips to up my game

    • ellduclos

      So glad you found them helpful! I hope they help your growth (:

  • Laura

    Great post, thank you for sharing! Quick question that I hope you won’t mind answering…do you create a different description with different hashtags for each pin you create for the same post? Or do you stick with one description but just switch up the design each time? I’ve been trying to create 3 designs per post, and giving each pin a different description, but this often feels like it takes forever! Just wondered if they’d still be effective (and if they’d still be viewed by Pinterest as ‘fresh pins’) even if they have the same description? It would save me quite a lot of time if so! Thank you! x

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much! I usually try to switch the description up too a little bit but still include keywords that are relevant with similar relevant hashtags (:

  • Ros

    I have to bookmark this! Such great tips! Thanks for sharing

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much!! (:

  • Katie

    Hi there! I took your Pinterest course and I just signed up for TailWind Plus. However, I saw in this post that you paid for unlimited tribes. I guess I assumed that unlimited tribes was part of the the Plus plan, however, I’m still limited to five… How were you able to sign up for unlimited tribes??

    Thanks Ell!

    • ellduclos

      Hi Katie!! So When you go to your tribes you should be able to purchase “power ups” it might be under billing too! I can’t remember because I purchase a while back but when you click on “Tribes” then see up top right where it tells you how many tribes you are a part of you should be able to click and purchase to upgrade!

  • Beginnersblog

    This guide is awesome. I have read it many times on Pinterest.
    I have learnt a lot more about Pinterest from you.

    I hope I could generate this much amount of traffic on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information

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      Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

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