20 Signs That You Are Now Adulting 

Are you a twenty something year old feeling lost? Don’t worry, I can relate! Here are 20 signs that you are now officially an adult!

20 signs that you are now an adult.

  1. You Have Bills on Bills on Bills: Let’s face it, being an adult sucks mainly because you have SO many bills to pay. Yikes, it’s over whelming and you probably can’t count them all on one hand.
  2. You’d Rather Stay In Than Go Out: We are all guilty of saying “sorry, i’m busy.” to a friend that wants to go out when in reality, you are only spending your night on the couch watching Netflix. Let’s face it, drinking wine on your couch sounds way better than drinking at a bar. Welcome to adult hood!
  3. You Work More Than You Sleep: It’s a pretty big sign that you are an adult if you work all day everyday. Those bills aren’t going to pay themselves!
  4. You Have Goals: I don’t mean just any goals but you are seriously considering buying a house or getting married and having kids. If you are thinking about settling down, I think adulthood is hitting you hard.
  5. Everyone You Know is Getting Engaged: What a wake up call! All I see on Facebook is newly engaged couple pictures. If that’s not adulting than I don’t know what is!
  6. Money Is The Root of All Your Problems: Can’t have fun because no money, can’t buy nice things because no money, can’t breathe because no money. Money is the ultimate struggle.
  7. You Get Excited When You Go Grocery Shopping: I know it’s not exciting to watch that grocery bill rack up but, who doesn’t get a little excited to buy yourself some food. I love it!
  8. Friends Become Limited: In high school you may have many friends but once you start adulting that friends list shrinks to 1 or 2 good friends that you can rely on.
  9. The Main Question Everyone is Asking is What Do You Want to Do with Your Life?: Yikes, this one is always the worst. I don’t know Aunt Sheila, I really don’t know. Who knew adulting was so complex.
  10. You Actually Focus On Your Credit Score: That haunting credit score that everyone hates. You actually understand how to build it and you care about keeping it high.
  11. You Drink Wine That’s Not Boxed or Bagged: Wow, fancy adult like things. A good glass of wine is much needed after those stressful work days to keep you just a little bit sane.
  12. You Understand What it’s Like to “Treat” Yourself: You can’t do it often but you know when you can and when you deserve that 20$ new pair of jeans. Or “treating” yourself to a new candle because it’s important that your house smells good, YOU EARNED IT!
  13. You Reminisce On Those Younger Days: I think about it everyday. Those days when my biggest problems were math class or cleaning my room. Oh boy did I take those days for granted. Can we please go back?
  14. You Have Experienced Tax Season: Tax season can be good and/or bad. I mean seriously why didn’t they teach us how to do our taxes in school? Did I file them correct? Who knows? If you’re lucky you get some money back, if you are unlucky like me, you owe even more. Seriously! You take taxes from my pay check & make me pay even more during tax season! I hate being an adult.
  15. You Schedule Your Own Doctor/Dentist Appointments: By scheduling I mean, you “plan” on scheduling but don’t get much further than that. I’ll go to the doctor maybe two years from now, or when I am falling over dead.
  16. Naps Are Way More Rewarding: As a child we hated naps but as an adult naps are a gift from God.
  17. You Don’t Have a Social Life: You may want to go out with friends but you will actually find yourself spending your free time laying in bed and or cleaning your entire house because priorities. And never mind being able to remember to text your friends back. You’re too busy for that.
  18. You Realize No Job Will Ever Pay Enough: You can have a degree and they will still start you out at a very low unlivable wage, unless you get lucky. It seems no wage will ever be enough to pay all your bills and pay for you to enjoy life. #ADULTING
  19. Your Hates Have Become Household Chores: Growing up you may of had a chore or two but now you have a whole place all to yourself that will only get cleaned if you clean it. You start to hate laundry, dishes, and taking the trash out even more than you used to. Or maybe you like it! Maybe it’s therapeutic to you! Thats adulting too!
  20. You’ve Mastered the Art of Job Interviews: You are a job interview pro but yet you still can’t seem to score your dream job. It’s okay it’s coming one day!

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20 signs you are now adulting. How to know that you are officially an adult!

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Welcome to adult hood my friends.