25 Important Lessons I Learned in 25 Years

 25 Important Lessons I Learned in 25 years 

Well, today December 13th, 2018I turn 25. YIKES. I remember being a kid and visioning what my life would be like at 25 years old. Let me tell you, my life is not what I pictured it would be like. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they will always feel like they are 15 in their mind? I am supposed to be a “grown up”, yet I still feel like a kid, yet feel SO OLD?!

For awhile I really didn’t want this day to come…and I think it’s because I don’t want to keep growing up, but at the same time… I feel okay. I struggled a lot these past 25 years and there are many lessons I learned along the way. What better way to celebrate my 25th birthday than to share with you 25 lessons I’ve learned in 25 years?! Maybe you can relate?!

25 important life lessons learned

25 Life Lessons Learned

Lesson #1: Your mind is powerful 

If you have been following me for awhile now, then you know this is the most important lesson i’ve learned recently. I believe that you can think anything into existence. If you tell yourself “I can achieve anything I set my mind to.” then you WILL.

This is why negative self talk can also affect the outcome… You can tell yourself “I can’t do this.” and chances are you won’t. I promise, the more positive you keep your mind, the more positivity will come your way. You attract the energy you put out into the world. Keep your mind positive. 

Lesson #2: Chasing your passion is a must

Before I decided to chase my passion, I was miserable. I had a dead end job (which I know I say a lot, but it’s true) waitressing tables every night, I couldn’t advance in my job. Most nights I would come home wondering when I would ever feel happy. I truly lost my happiness.

One day I decided it was time to make a change…I wanted to feel like I had a purpose…I wanted to be HAPPY. That’s when I started my blog and I pursued it wholeheartedly! Within 9 months it became my full time job and I have never been happier! When you choose to make your passion your job, you will feel happier! You work a majority of your life, you should LOVE what you do!

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Lesson #3: You can create a life you love

You may be thinking that it’s impossible to create a life you love. I see so many out there with this negative mindset. “I can’t possibly live a life I love because of money.” This tends to be the BIGGEST reason why people think they can’t live a life they love.

BUTfirst things first, if you change your mindset and start BELIEVING that you CAN obtain that life you want and you start BELIEVING that you CAN make more money… IT WILL HAPPEN. 

  • First step: Make a goal.
  • Second step: Put those goals into action.
  • Third step: Believe you achieve those goals.
  • Fourth step: Don’t stop until you achieve them.

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Lesson #4: Believing in yourself is everything

The moment you choose to believe in yourself is the moment you are WINNING. If you think about it, we are our own worst critics. You can sit there and criticize your abilities all you want but at the end of the day that’s not only ruining your confidence BUT it’s also ruining your motivation.

If you start believing in your abilities you will feel more motivated and your motivation and confidence will rub off on those around you. THIS will bring opportunities your way. In order to achieve what you want in life, YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Lesson #5: It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet

I won’t lie, I used to be the person who would compare where I was in life to where others were. This only lead to self doubt, feeling like a failure, and negative energy. I remember sitting there wondering why I wasn’t engaged yet, or why I wasn’t a home owner. I felt like I needed to have all of these specific milestones done by a specific time in my life.

I finally realized that we all have our own journeys and timelines. It’s okay if you are still figuring out what you want in life. Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen.

Lesson #6: Being money smart is key

I used to SUCK at managing my money. I have my fair share of debt that I am still paying off. That’s life. I live & I learn. As I got older, I realized the key to WINNING is to be money smart. Now I try to live below my means. If I have $500, I act like I have $350. I think about what I really NEED and try my best not to impulse buy.

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Lesson #7: Not everyone is going to support you

This one hurts the most. It’s a bummer that not everyone is going to cheer you on, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing great things!

Lesson #8: It’s okay to be your biggest cheerleader

I actually recommend that you wake up everyday and tell yourself that you are amazing and that today is going to be YOUR day! If you accomplish something, big or small, pat yourself on the back and recognize it! Don’t feel ashamed for cheering yourself on!

Lesson #9: Friends come and go

I truly believe that people enter our life to teach us lessons and sometimes they leave because the lesson has been taught. You will lose friends and that’s okay. Your true friends stick around till the end. Even if it’s a handful or just one great friend. Cherish them.

Lesson #10: You can’t please everyone

SO STOP TRYING TO. I used to try and please everyone in my life and that get’s exhausting! Once I stopped trying to please everyone, I became a lot happier.

Lesson #11: Putting yourself first isn’t selfish

If you are someone who never puts yourself first, it’s time you start. It’s not selfish to make yourself happy sometimes. Especially when it comes to what you want from life.

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Lesson #12: Take care of your mind, body, and soul

There was a time where I was not taking care of myself. I wasn’t eating properly, sleep wasn’t something I knew, and I was pretty depressed. It’s important to take care of yourself. Unhealthy habits should get cut out.

Lesson #13: Go outside your comfort zone

Sometimes the BEST adventures happen outside our comfort zones. I used to care so much about what others thought of me. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still do (I am working on it) BUT pushing myself and doing things that I don’t typically do has opened so many doors! Take risks!

Lesson #14: Let go of toxic people

If you want to live a happier life, you need to let go of the toxic people who are holding you back. You deserve to be happy and if you are surrounded by negative people, that energy rubs off on you and can bring you down.

Lesson #15: Positivity attracts positivity

Like I said before, you attract the energy you put out! If you are positive and surround yourself with positive people, you will see and feel a difference!

Lesson #16: I am capable of more than I thought

Over the years I have really learned that I am capable of more than I thought! I definitely never imagined working for myself and turning this blog of mine into a career. It’s been eye opening. I have also powered through a lot of difficult situations. This proves that we are all capable of more than we think.

Lesson #17: You reach your lowest point before you rise up

Before starting my blog I was at the lowest point of my life. I wrote about it here. I wouldn’t have started my blog and found my happiness if it wasn’t for these low moments. Just remember that there is darkness before the light. If you are at your lowest point, there is light ahead. It will get better.

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Lesson #18: Everything happens for a reason

This speaks for itself and I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, always.

Lesson #19: Make time for those you love

Life is too short. Make time for those you love because in a blink of an eye, they could be gone. I learned this when my grandpa passed away this year. I wish I would have spent more time with him before his passing.

Lesson #20: Bad times don’t last forever

It may feel like things aren’t going to get better, but they will.

25 life lessons I learned in 25 years.

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Lesson #21: You aren’t alone

It’s so easy to feel like you are alone in your thoughts and in this world. Just know that you aren’t! I realized there are so many people who have felt the same way I have felt before. There are always people who do love you even if you think otherwise.

Lesson #22: Trust the timing of your life

Patience is key, everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. Stop trying to rush the process because it will only lead to frustration.

Lesson #23: Stop trying to control things that are out of your control

This is huge. If you try to control things that are out of your control, you will get frustrated. Sometimes things are out of your control and you just can’t change it. The more you focus on things that are out of your control, the more time you waste! Only focus on changing things that you CAN change.

Lesson #24: Don’t ever give up on your dreams

There is going to be many times where you feel like you can’t obtain your dreams…you may think that they are too far out of your reach. Don’t think this way! Believe you can and when you think it’s not working, rather than giving up, change your mindset and strategy! You only fail if you give up.

Lesson #25: Communication is key

This is a lesson I learned in my relationship. If you want healthy relationships you need to communicate with one another. As humans we are not mind readers. COMMUNICATE.

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These are just a few of the many lessons I have learned throughout my 25 years. Can you relate to any of these? What are some additional lessons you have learned? Would love to know!!!!


Until next time,

– Ell

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  • Love this! Happy Birthday ♡ I’m 26 in May and since turning 25 I have just felt weird. I completely agree with you , I still feel really young and not ‘grown up’. what it has done though is made me realise I need to work and chase my dreams NOW. time doesn’t wait for anyone.

    Have a lovely Birthday ♡

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  • Love it babe!! I also did a 25 lessons post! I think it’d be cool to check in on yourself in 5 years and see how much farther you’ve come and how you’re the same person but a different perspective! Love your blog, can’t wait to see more!

    xx, drue

  • So much wisdom here, Ell! I totally agree with point #1 especially. Our thoughts determine our feelings, which produce our actions, which mold our character. I’m also a Christian, and the Bible says that “…as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” (Proverbs 23:7) That’s why the apostle Paul told his readers to think about things that were true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy. If we THINK about these things, then we will start focusing on those things and develop a life that reflects those criteria. It’s so important to think intentionally.
    Happy birthday, too! Hope you had a lovely one!!

  • I know you might think 25 is old-ish, I personally know I’m not ready for 24 lol! BUT all of these lessons you’ve learned and have grown from should really make you like 80! You know so much and you went through the wringer to get here but you are hella inspirational and have a serious following who all love you a TON! Keep being a bad ass and go totally crush 25! I know you will!💗

  • Hey, Happy Birthday tho it’s coming late. The lesson that caught my attention most is that “Not Everybody Would Support You” it’s soo true, people never believe success in the making they only associate with you when you become successful.
    It just reminds me of a song sang by Tatiana Manaosis it’s titled ‘Like You’ just listen to it and tell me what you think.
    Five Secrets Doing Assignments Taught Me

  • Happy Birthday, Ell!
    This is an incredible post. You are one strong and smart woman. I admire you so much! Honestly I have nieces and nephews your age, and they still do not understand a lot of what you have listed. You are an amazing human being on the right track in life. Most of these lessons took me over 30 yrs to learn and I’m still working on myself. I gotta tell you the best is yet to come! You’re not old. You’re just getting started in life. It only gets better.

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday! And don’t stop celebrating. Birthdays go for an entire month 😉 .
    Kathy @ Tasty Itinerary