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10 Quick Blog Fixes You Should Make – Take your blog to the next level

10 Quick Blog Fixes you Should Make

Have you been wondering what you can improve on when it comes to your blog? You could be wondering, is my blog set up to full potential? I want to share 10 quick blog fixes that will take your blog up a notch!      

10 quick blog fixes to help you take your blog to the next level!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used and you can read my disclosure here. 

1. Have a freebie to build your email list 

One of the most frequently asked questions in Boss Girl Bloggers is “how can I grow my e-mail list?” (aka subscribers) One of the easiest and quickest ways to grow your e-mail list is by offering a freebie! This is something you would send your subscribers for free as a way to say “thank you!” for subscribing to your e-mail list.

When I started offering my freebie my e-mail list grew 5x faster than when I wasn’t offering a freebie. 

how do I know what freebie to offer? 

This is an important question! When it comes to your freebie you want to make sure you are attracting your ideal audience. You don’t want to offer a freebie that has nothing to do with what you write about. That would attract an audience that could probably care less about your content. Pretty much defeats the purpose, right?! 

So think about what problems your audience might need a solution to. If you are a fashion blogger, perhaps you could create a free style guide or a guide for shopping on a budget? 

Here are options to consider when creating a freebie to offer:

  • guides
  • short e-courses
  • short ebooks
  • helpful lists 
  • printables (organizational planner pages / budget worksheets etc.)
  • coupons/discounts to products you sell

What if I don’t have an e-mail list builder?

No worries, you can get started for free with Mailerlite! I use Mailerlite as my e-mail list builder and it’s so simple to use! (which is why I chose Mailerlite to begin with.) It’s also FREE for up to 1,000 subscribers! 

2. Interlink your content 

I wish I knew this tip back when I first started blogging. Interlinking not only helps with SEO but it also helps your bounce rate. (you can find your bounce rate on your google analytics dashboard.) Having a low bounce rate means people are staying on your site longer and checking out other content before “bouncing” on outta there.

When you can link to other content throughout your post, you really should! (example) I have a blog post that talks about 7 unique ways to grow your blog traffic if you want to check it out! See what I did there? (;

3. Have a privacy & disclosure policy 

There are so many blogs out there that are missing these important policies! If you collect e-mails on your site, use ads, or collect any personal info you NEED a privacy policy on your site. If you use affiliate links and/or have sponsored posts you should also have a disclosure policy.

Where can you create a policy?

At first I thought using a free policy/disclosure generator was the way to go. BUT, after hearing from blogger and lawyer Amira, I quickly changed my mind. Having free policy generators don’t always protect you completely. In fact, Amira shares 3 legal blogging mistakes most bloggers make if you want to give it a read. It really opened my eyes!

Since then, I now use disclosure and privacy policy templates that are drafted by Amira and I feel confident that my blog is protected to the fullest extent. If you want to purchase the templates I use that are drafted by a lawyer, you can check those out here. 

4. Use headings to break up text 

I can say confidently that I used to be guilty of long, block text writing! I would write a blog post and NEVER use headings to break up my text. This can be very overwhelming to a reader. PLUS, having headings can help someone glance over a post to tell if it’s something that they are actually looking for or not. AND, google loves headings! Which again can help with SEO. 

Grab my Free Blog Traffic Crash Course

5. Add a pinnable image 

I notice that some bloggers won’t include a pinnable image on their blog posts. Personally, I am a HUGE Pinterest fan and if you have been following me for a while then you probably know that Pinterest is my number one source of blog traffic! Pinterest brings me over 60,000 blog views a month!

(if you are clueless about how to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic you can find out exactly how I do it here!) 

BUT I always say to include a 600 x 900 pin graphic for each blog post! This makes it easy for your audience to share your post on Pinterest and hopefully that pin will go viral! (you never know) 

I also love using the “pin it” plug in that makes all of your images shareable for Pinterest when you hover over them!  If you scroll up you can see an example of a pinnable image that I have on this blog post (: 

p.s – If you haven’t invested in Tailwind yet, this is just a friendly reminder that I love it and would be lost without it! A huge part of my Pinterest strategy is using Tailwind! (a pin scheduler)

6. Have share icons

It drives me crazy when a blog post doesn’t have share icons! I love sharing posts that I enjoy and if you don’t have share icons you are losing out on the chance of extra blog traffic! One of my favorite plug-ins to use for share icons is Social Warfare.  

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10 quick blog fixes to take your blog to the next level.

7. Focus on a branding strategy

Having a “brand” look to your site can make a heck of a difference! Not to mention having a clean, crisp theme can ALSO make a difference! I know it’s hard to want to splurge any money on your blog if it’s not making money yet but, that’s the wrong mindset to have if you DO want to make money from it eventually. 

If you want my opinion on what is worth investing your money on it would be:

Key pointers for branding:

  • Define your brand. What is your mission, what are you hoping to achieve with your brand? What is the end goal?
  • Choose 2-3 brand colors to use throughout your blog. These colors can be used in post titles, nav bars, social media icons, Pinterest graphics, bolds/italics, links, your logo etc. You want to keep the brand colors consistent throughout your site. 
  • Decide who your target audience is going to be and then FIND them. In order to really figure out your audience, you need to go out of your way to connect with them. Tips on how to grow an engaged audience. 
  • Have your own voice! Find your blogging voice and use it throughout your blog posts. 
  • Be consistent on each platform. Use your voice and brand colors on each social media you use. 
  • Tie in YOUR STORY. If you have a story that makes you, YOU...then don’t be afraid to tie it into your brand. 

(I am no branding professional, this is just what has worked for me!)

8. Fix your SEO 

In the long run, SEO is going to help you THE MOST. It takes a little bit for it to get going, BUT once you start ranking high on searches, your blog traffic is going to sky rocket and you are going to attract your ideal audience! I am no pro in SEO BUT I did take a course on SEO from the talented Dana Nicole. It was filled with helpful tips and videos. You can find the course here if you are interested! 

9. Add photography 

I think an important part of a blog is photography! It helps tie your brand & blog together. It also helps to break up long text. AND of course I will mention again, it can help SEO! If you aren’t a “pro” at photography, you can invest in stock photos (in fact, a lot of successful bloggers started out building their brand using stock photos!) 

Some of my favorite places to purchase stock images:

10. Add a resource page 

For those of you who may not “blog about blogging” but would LOVE to make some money recommending blogging resources you have used and loved! Such as: Your self host, courses you have taken, themes you use, and other products that you might have affiliate links for, you can create a resource page to display all of these resources for your readers in case they want to start a blog too and are in need of resource recommendations! 


I hope you found this post helpful!!! (: 

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  • Alexx

    Love all of these tips! I’m so glad that I’m doing most of them. I do think I need to be a little better at focusing on a branding strategy and adding a resource page. These are two things that are in the works right now but have been taking me a little longer than I’ve wanted to! I guess I’ll make them a priority soon!

    πŸ’— Alexx | Aesthetics by Alexx

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much Alexx! I know it can be tedious but it definitely will help in the long run! You got this! (:

  • Alex

    There are a lot of tips here that you can easily overlook when you start out. I am 100% trying to fix this all now! Thanks for the article xx

    • ellduclos

      Thank you Alex! So glad that you found this helpful! (:

  • Beutiflee

    Great tips! This is definitely a resource ☺️

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much! (:

  • Cyn | cynspo

    Thank you again Ell! Your tips about blogging have helped me from day one, and I always make sure I check your lists to make sure I’m not forgetting anything! I recently added a resources page to my blog and I hope it becomes a game changer!


    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much Cyn! Really means a lot to me (: I hope it helps too!

  • Tiffany

    These tips are great! I love your idea of adding a resources page and hadn’t even thought of that since my blog isn’t “about blogging” and is moreso a Lifestyle Blog!!

    Thank you!! πŸ™‚

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much!! So glad you found it helpful (:

  • Anna Kat Napier

    Your posts are always so helpful. My email list is growing at a snail’s pace. I guess I need to take another look at my freebie. Thanks for all the great insight!

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much Anna! That means a lot! (:

  • Hollee

    I actually never knew how to use disclosures or a privacy policy on my first blog until last year (I’m pretty sure I read about it from you). It’s a good suggestion, because I’ve had my blog since 2012 and could have been in trouble for not having them 😳

    • ellduclos

      Thank you Hollee! Yes, they are so important to have just in case! & I know a lot of ad programs won’t work with bloggers unless they have a privacy policy! So glad you got some!! (:

  • Laura

    These are fantastic ideas! I’ve recently started implementing more of these on my sites and it’s definitely been making a difference!

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much Laura! So glad you are seeing results!

  • Ashley Lavoie

    I think my biggest takeaway here is that I need to start linking back to other posts because my bounce rate is still pretty high! My blog traffic goes to that one article and then leaves because, well, where else are they going to go? How do they know another relevant article that was published a month ago even exists if I don’t mention it in this current article? Great points and great tips, thank you!

    • ellduclos

      So glad you found this helpful Ashley! Definitely give the interlinking a try and see if it helps (:

  • Jeni

    Great tips! Will save them cus i defenilty want to take my blog to the next level πŸ™‚ super usuful to have it all in one place!

    • ellduclos

      Thank you Jeni!! So glad it was helpful (:

  • Sophie Harriet

    This is a really helpful post, thank you!

    • ellduclos

      So glad you found it helpful (: thank you!

  • Milan Tesic

    These are some great tips and thank you for sharing.

    I would also add that having more than 1 (one) pop-up is incredibly annoying to your readers and you should definitely avoid using more. I had one for collecting emails, but I turned it off to differentiate myself from 99% of bloggers. My policy is no ads, no popups, no BS!

    Also, learn some more advanced SEO strategies like link building. It is a boring and painful process, but definitely worth it.

    Just a quick tip. Your point number 3 says “In fact, Amira shares 3 legal blogging mistakes most bloggers make”, but it actually points to an article on your website πŸ™‚

    • ellduclos

      Thank you!
      But yeah I hear ya about that, can definitely get frustrating. I have ads only because it’s a huge source of my income on top of affiliate marketing, products & services!

      But yes it points to the guest post/interview article that I did with her explaining the legal sides of blogging (:

      & I have been getting more serious about SEO lately, definitely notice it helps! Thanks so much!

  • Tiffany

    Hi! Great tips! I added the Pin it and Social Warfare to my wordpress as I was reading. Now I just have to learn to use it. I have your article in my inbox so I can find again. Thank you! πŸ€—

    • ellduclos

      Thank you so much Tiffany! So glad to hear this (:

  • Mendalline

    Hi EllDuclos your Article is good please send me your list.thank you

    • ellduclos

      Thank you! What list are you referring to?

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